Below are some recommended archival forms that you can obtain from your ancestor's "HOME" State Archives using your ancestor's name. Fees for archival docuemnts vary depending on the depository.

Record of Service Forms (Discharge Cards)

Form No. 724-1, A.G.O., Nov. 22, 1919
Form No. 724-1½, A.G.O., March 12, 1920   (reverse of card also shown)
Form No. 724-2½, A.G.O., March 12, 1920
Form No. 84c-1, A.G.O., March 17, 1921
Form No. 21, Alabama National Guard (Marine Corps)

Be prepared for someone at the archives to tell you that these forms are private. Look at form 724-1 which says that patriotic societies may obtain this information.

Online World War One Indexes and Records by State

(some States are missing from this list)

Kentucky WWI Service Cards

American Legion Auxiliary

Women joined the American Legion and completed an application showing the service of their husband, son, father, brother or other relative. This is another source of finding out what the man did during any of the wars in the 20th Century and primarily during the First or Second World War.

Pennsylvania Veterans Compensation


Wisconsin WWI Service Cards

Milwaukee Public Library - World War I Military Portraits


For more information on the Draft Registration Cards, please visit the Records Resource. Draft registration records are also available at ancestry.com.

Order of the First World War, the Great War Society, WW I society
An example of Form No. 724-1, A.G.O.
Nov 22, 1919