Wisconsin WWI Service Cards

There is not currently an index online nor an online form.

The cards we have are divided first by branch of service and then alphabetically. We have cards for the Army, Navy, Nurses and Marine Corp.

In order to get copies anyone can send us an email to askarchives@wisconsinhistory.org provide the name and branch of service for the soldier, and then we can attempt to find and copy the cards for them.

The fee for copy services is
$20.00 for non-Wisconsin residence,
$15.00 for WI residence and
$10 for Wisconsin Historical Society members.

Simone O. Munson
Reference Archivist

Wisconsin Historical Society
816 State Street
Madison, WI 53706-1417

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An example of Form No. 724-1, A.G.O.
Nov 22, 1919